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> Which Fe Is The Best For Oracle Database    
post Sep 15 2018, 02:57 PM

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Please forgive me if this questions is off topic , but I am really can't decide
or find some interested tips in the Google

What is the best Frontend for Oracle Database as (Forms , Reports)

my choices are :

. C# (VS 2008)
. MS ACCESS (2007)
. Oracle forms and Reports (6i)

I have installed Oracle 11G 32 bit on Windows 7 64 bit

thanks in advance .
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Doug Steele
post Sep 15 2018, 03:33 PM

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From: St. Catharines, ON (Canada)

IMHO, Access blows the other two away in terms of flexibility and ease of use.

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post Sep 16 2018, 06:23 AM

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From: The middle of Germany

IMHO, Access blows the other two away in terms of flexibility and ease of use.

I agree on ease of use, flexibility however is a very fuzzy term.

What is the best Frontend for Oracle Database as (Forms , Reports)

This question is unanswerable with the information given.

There are two key factors you should look at.

1.) Complexity of the application to be developed
A very basic CRUD database app can be comfortably created with Oracle Forms, anything beyond that is going to be increasingly painful. My own experience with that is very limited and very old, but from what I heard, it did not change significantly in the last decades!

Microsoft Access is an excellent tool for an app that is mainly a database frontend and possibly needs some external libraries (e.g. for MS Office automation) or maybe some call into the Windows API. It is fairly easy and fast to use and flexible enough to create more complex and sizeable applications. If your app is going to be huge or has large and complex client side logic, you might find the possibilities and flexibility of Access to be too limited.

C# cannot be beaten on power and flexibility. There is only very little you cannot do with it. Its strong object orientation might be a benefit for creating a huge database application where its inheritance features and ORM libraries might give it a significant edge over Microsoft Access. The downside is its complexity and the rather steep learning curve. You might spend quite some time to set up some simple forms you would have created in minutes in Access.

2.) Your familiarity with the developer tools mentioned
If you know one of the mentioned tools very well, it might give you the edge to be more successful with that particular tool than with any of the others. E.g., if you used C# before to create similar applications and already are familiar with some frameworks and libraries that would skew the favor strongly in its direction. The same would apply to any of the other tools if you are very well versed in it.

All the above was written under the assumption that you will create a desktop application. If your application is supposed to live on the web, the choice is very easy. Just use C# and discard the rest.
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Jeff B.
post Sep 16 2018, 07:01 AM

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From: Pacific NorthWet

Please define your terms (i.e., "best").

A few criteria:

- easiest for a user to use
- easiest for a (trained/experienced) developer to use
- easiest to find replacement/backup developers
- least likely to 'break' (under ?what? conditions of use)
- cost-to-develop
- cost-to-use
- ... (add your criteria)


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP (2002-2015)

Mention of hardware or software is, in no way, an endorsement thereof. The FTC of the USA made this disclaimer necessary/possible.
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post Sep 16 2018, 08:45 AM

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Joined: 14-December 16

OK guys

may be I did not explain much enough
when I said best , its best to be faster with dealing with a large amount of data (say 300 million records)

I thought 'Oracle Forms' is the best (because it's from Oracle)
but as PhilS have mentioned , it did not meet my requirements

I was thinking of using Ms-Access
but I have noticed the following points

1. Can't make 'Enforce referential integrity' , Delete cascade , Update Cascade in the tables relationships (because of different databases)
2. Pass Through queries is read only
3. Get slower when dealing with big data
4. Security issues

So the best choice is C#

I would like to thank every body who tried to help
PhilS , your post help me much thumbup.gif
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post Sep 16 2018, 12:06 PM

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From: London, UK

One consideration is what tools are already in use in your workplace. If you already have C# developers in the organization then that's a good reason to continue to using it. I think C# is the best choice of the options you mentioned.

Regarding enforcement of referential integrity: referential integrity should be enforced within the Oracle database, so the use of Access or any other development tool does not stop you doing that. It wouldn't make sense to store data on the desktop and within Oracle. Access is still a reasonable choice as the front-end to an Oracle database but C# is much more powerful and easier to integrate with other software.
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post Sep 16 2018, 01:50 PM

Posts: 95
Joined: 14-December 16

My organization doesn't have any developers
they just need an application as a front end to the server that contains the Oracle database
for filling data , printing reports , searching records , ...

but I have developed some database applications in C#
so I have a not bad experience with it

and I can see from your post that the priority of using C# has increased .
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