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> Nested If, Any Version    
post Sep 16 2019, 01:31 PM

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Hello Friends;
is there any difference between using this code and if i use nested if
=IF(A1<=49,"Fail","")&""&IF(AND(A1>=50,A1<=65),"good","")&""&IF(AND(A1>=65,A1<=75),"very//","")&""&IF(AND(A1>=75,A1<=85),"very good","")&""&IF(A1>=85,"Excellent","")

I would like to Thank you for your help
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post Sep 16 2019, 01:50 PM

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From: The Great Land

The output should be same. Should not have both <=85 as well as >=85 (85 will always match the first one), pick one for clarity.

=IF(A1<=49,"Fail", IF(A1<=65,"good", IF(A1<=75,"very//", IF(A1<=85,"very good", IF(A1>85,"Excellent","")))))

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post Sep 18 2019, 06:35 AM

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Nested IF would be more efficient. You could also use a LOOKUP, either with a table or using array constants:

=LOOKUP(A1,{0,50,65,75,85},{"Fail","good","very//","very good","Excellent"})
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