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UtterAccess Forums _ Microsoft Internet Explorer _ Modern Browsers Too Fancy, Cont'd

Posted by: ipisors Sep 19 2013, 02:04 PM

Is it true that now that I upgraded to IE8, I am unable to move the toolbar bar up and condense it with other bars? And so on and so forth with all bars? Loved that with IE7. but as it seems with so many other products, the fancier they get, the more they lose the "basic" features.
FOr am I missing some setting.

Posted by: doctor9 Sep 19 2013, 02:57 PM

unny, when I go to certain websites, I'm told that my IE8 is too old to display the content, and I need to upgrade. Sadly, I run WinXP Pro at work, and IE8 is the highest version it'll install. Don't know if I'd really call IE8 "modern" because of that. Personally, I would like to REMOVE the Google toobar from the upper right corner, but it seems to be built in...
Anyway, there's a "Lock The Toolbars" checkbox in the View->Toolbars submenu. Try un-checking that to see if it helps your situation.
Hope this helps,

Posted by: ipisors Sep 19 2013, 03:19 PM

Yeah I tried that but they were already unlocked. in ie7 and prior, that was the key, but here, it seems that even with everything unlocked, redmond has decided no such toolbar "space condensing" shall occur ! I just had to upgrade to IE8 one a particular work computer and I immediately noticed less screen space. Oh well I guess i can hide them for now.
agree ie8 is not super modern, but for XP it's what I can do as well here at work. just another thing in the long line of things that have become too fancy for their britches IMHO!
What's funny is usually when I have these problems (like my Chrome post a month ago or so), people tell me: "But such-and-such isn't the desired emphasis anymore, it's such-and-such".
well one thing I know....from that very discussion, in fact....Screen real estate always has been, and now more than ever IS, all the rave. People want space on their screen(s). So on my very modest monitor, being unable to add a vertical inch or two? A bit contradictory to that craving for space ...
Uh. Maybe i'll see if I can use FF here at work. It's possible. (If I can distract IT - maybe tell them their anti-PST security has been breached by a new user in the finance department so they go running out the door - and then see if i can find the "let them install FireFox" switch !