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Posted by: dflak Mar 14 2012, 08:58 AM

In his, King Martin gives an excellent tutorial on creating cascaded validation lists where the values for the selections are known in advance. If this is your situation, use those techniques. They are easy to implement.
This article addresses the issue where you don't know what kind of an animal you will get back in your data. On some days, it might be Dog, Cat, Mouse. On other days it could be Horse, Elephant, Sknunk.
The sample presented in this article is a simpified version typical of reports I do often where I need to get infromation based on a Manufacturer, Model and an attribute of the model such as its color. In some instances I may need the information down to the color level, in other instances I may need it rolled up at the OEM level. So I need not only a list of valid values, but also the wildcard character.
In this article I cascade down two levels: OEM to Model then Model to Color. The logic can be extended to go down any number of levels. ( 383.35K ): 37