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> Wpf, C# And Reporting    
post Jun 10 2013, 05:43 AM

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I’ll start off with a little background. I have programmed Access Databases for around 10 years now in my previous employment. Most of the Access databases (Front ends) ran off backend tables sitting on an MS SQL Server.
On the last 6 months, i’ve decided to expand my knowledge somewhat and move with new technologies.
So i decided to teach myself some C#, WPF with C# and XAML, SQL Reporting services, integration services etc at home on trial edition of the software. I am not an expert. I’m still learning. I think i am quite a capable programmer in general.
Anyway, i recently started new employment. My employers are using Access as they’re main database tool. I am the only programmer employed. I would like to bring my knowledge and experience to the job and help introducer newer technology.
For example i would like to replace the users entering data into Access forms with C# Windows Presentation Foundation. Its more flexible, more options, looks nicer etc. In general terms.
Anyway, I am looking to create a small application database. It is to be used by around 10 people in the one office. It is essentially a tasks database. It records tasks ongoing by various users. Description of a task, who its assigned to, expected finish date. Things like that. Also, one user, (the manager) will be running reports off this database. E.g. List all ongoing tasks by a certain user.
It will not have a massive back end. I see it being quite small in back to begin with. And there will be some security to go onto some of its tables. So for example, certain users cannot change certain fields on certain tables. (e.g. once an expected finish date is put in it can’t be moved around)
Here’s my thoughts. I could easily do all of this in one Access database. But i don’t want to . I want something prettier, more secure, faster, central, robust etc. Also, to begin with, i want cost to be as low as possible. Once the users see what can be done with the newer tech, then financial support will roll in. So free express editions will be ok for now.
I’ll start with the back end.
So i’ve decided, i’ll download SQL Server 2012 Express edition. It has a limit of 10GB databases i believe. And i can put security on the tables. (I’ve used SQL Server 2012, the full version in the past). Should be straight forward enough.
So, the front end. I have a little experience of creating essentially a Form where the user can enter data in WPF. Databinding, Linq to SQL. Is there an express edition of Visual Studio 2012, that’ll allow me to create WPF applications for Windows 7 Desktop users? If so, are there any limitations to its use?
Next question, reporting. Is WPF supposed to be used to create reports? Do Microsoft want programmers, spitting up reports from WPF? If so, how do i go about doing that? Especially reports that have pie charts and graphs in them.
Or, do Microsoft want reporting to be done on MS SQL Reporting services?
Is there an express version of this? MS SQL Reporting Services 2012 Express?
One should be able to create graphs and charts in reporting services quite easily. It shouldn’t be too difficult.
All being well, the long term plan is to develop something that looks well. Runs well, creates flashy reports, looks modern, and then we should invest in the full (non express versions of the software).
Ultimately i want to Code in C# with WPF and SQL backend. I think a system and setup like this will be better in the long run.
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post Jun 10 2013, 08:36 AM

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On the reporting part, i have done a goodle serach and got some links...
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