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> Compact And Repair Comfusion, Access 2013    
post May 11 2019, 12:58 PM

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Okay, I've read quit a bit on regularly compacting and repairing the access backend but each article, blog post, or thread I read gets me more confused on what's the right thing to do to ensure optimal performance and avoid corruption.

I'm looking for advice on my particular situation.

Patient scheduling application.
Split front and back ends.
15-20 active users.
About 20-40 new records added daily.
Records are modified numerous times throughout the day (IE certain fields in that record are changed or updated)
About 5-10 records deleted daily.
I have a years worth of data currently and it's at 3750kb. (With periodic random C/R performed)

  1. How often should I preform a C/R on this DB. Daily, Weekly, Monthly?
  2. I wrote a script to automatically backup the database each night at 2am. The script first check of the presence of a lock file then copy's the DB to a backup drive. Is there any reason why I shouldn't add automatic C/R to this script to be preformed daily?
  3. Do the /Compact and /Repair cmd preform the same thing? If not then what cmd does both
    msaccess "path to database file" /compact VS msaccess "path to database file" /repair

My biggest concern is database corruption. Microsoft documentation merely recommends performing frequent C/R.
I've read reports of performing C/R too often can cause corruption.

Please shed some light on my situation.

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post May 11 2019, 01:20 PM

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From: Somerset, UK

3750kb is tiny as databases go.

Sounds like you have a well designed setup though why do you delete several records each day.
Do continue with your daily backups.
However, with your setup, I see no reason to compact every day as part of your backup routine
Suggest you do so weekly or when the file size gets larger than a specified value.

Since A2007 or so, C&R is done at the same time.
There is a small risk of corruption particularly when C&R is done automatically on close. Recommend you don't do that.

P.S. I'm assuming you are referring to compacting the BE file. Not the FE.

Colin (Mendip Data Systems)
Website, email
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post May 11 2019, 03:05 PM

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As a rule of thumb, I generally don't perform C&Rs on a 'released' application Front End. However I do provide an FE ribbon command where users can instigate an FE C&R if their FE is performing unexpectedly (compared to other user's FEs).

For the BE, code checks how much the BE file size has increased since the last C&R. If the file size has increased by more than a set amount (eg 25% - set by an administrator) then a message is displayed recommending the BE is C&R'd.


Warm regards
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post May 13 2019, 03:32 PM

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Joined: 14-June 18

Thanks for the reply guys!

Yes, I'm talking about the back-end. I understand that front-ends don't usually need C/R.

So, what I'm hearing is don't worry about routine C/R unless the DB grows an excessive amount in a sort time?

isladogs -
When an appointment is cancelled before it's official or if the appointment is input by mistake that record is deleted. I over estimated the amount of deletions its more like 2-4 records a day.

Thanks again guys.

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