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> Cannot Upload Table From Xp/access 2010 To Sharepoint, Any Versions    
post May 20 2020, 06:56 PM

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Cannot upload table from XP/Access 2010 to Sharepoint. See attached screen image.
This is in followup to my earlier post about having problems using Access 2013. After upgrading to Access 2016, all worked just fine. Albert noted that lower versions of Access should work just fine. I found I no longer had any version of Access 2013 but my Virtual machines had the one I used XP with Access 2010.

The screen image shows my attempt to upload a simple table to the same Sharepoint subsite as I succesfully used with Access 2016.

Suggestions on how to debug this?

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post May 20 2020, 08:59 PM

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Joined: 12-October 04
From: Dallas area

Tried again. This time I opened the sharepoint site via chrome browser and was successful. Same error.

The option is "publish to Access services". I thought thaqt Access Services had been eliminated?
There was an option of saving to Sharepoint as a document management server which didn't seem right.

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post May 21 2020, 11:39 AM

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You are looking at the 2010 version of Access. The fact that Access Services has been deprecated didn't change the interface design in that version which was published when Access Services were supported. That's all that means.

I don't know what the previous thread covered, but it is possible to push a table to a SharePoint list--more accurately, a standard SharePoint list. The Access Services version was specifically modified to work with the then-supported Access Web Databases.

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post May 21 2020, 07:09 PM

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Publishing to SharePoint was depreciated. On the other hand, if you have SharePoint 2010 on-site, then of course you can still use that option ASSUMING that Access web services is enabled, and up and running on that SharePoint server.

If you going to move up or "migrate" or "transfer" data to SharePoint?

You can't (and don't want to) use the web publishing feature in 2010.

So, you can use the SharePoint menu item from the ribbon here:

As noted, after 2010, you notice that the SQL migration system/wizard is removed from above, but the SharePoint option remains in place.

So, using + sending tables to SharePoint is a VERY BIG different process then that of access web publishing

Now, it does turn out in the past, that I would sometimes use a web publish to send data to SharePoint, but that would ALSO tag/mark/convert your client side application to a web based version of Access. This was nice, since web publishing ALSO allowed you to create and build forms in Access that run on SharePoint. This so called web for access version "v1" was really nice. If you not seen this short video of mine - you see the Access forms you create actually running in a browser - it was very cool:


Anyway, unless you have a SharePoint server 2010 running Access web services (and I am betting you don't), then use the export to SharePoint list (right click on a table), or better yet the above SharePoint option for moving data.

So, you not using web publishing, and you really never needed to use web publishing to move tables to SharePoint. However, web publishing ALSO moved web forms, and web reports to SharePoint - that's the option we don't have anymore.

So, a web publish moved tables and web forms (you made in Access) up to SharePoint. And in fact it also moved + saved all your client side forms also up to SharePoint. It also THEN tagged and setup your client application to be web based. Your ribbons would now look like this:

There is no difference in using that above SharePoint "move data" option then that of using web publishing to move tables, but the web publish option did MUCH more then JUST move data tables. You don't have that option anymore, but in the past either option would send your tables to SharePoint. The other difference was that web publishing ALSO moved your table (data macros) up to SharePoint - I don't think they move up anymore but can't remember right now!

So, just use the "move data" option on the ribbon - you can't use the web publishing option(s) unless your SharePoint server is running Access web services.

Up to about 4 months ago, the standard office 365 accounts STILL had Access web services running. They finally turned them off about 4 months ago.


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post May 21 2020, 08:43 PM

Posts: 107
Joined: 12-October 04
From: Dallas area

@Albert, thanks for clarifying.

Once again, my problem rested between the chair and the keyboard.

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