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> Not a valid bookmark?    
post Feb 13 2008, 08:56 AM

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I have a form that has a button that brings up another and displays records based on data on the frst form. The data on the popup form list out cetain records if I double click on a record selection it populates a string of data back to main form and closes.
All is fine
Then when I co to a another subform on the main form and try to enter in data I get
"Not a valid Bookmark"
If I cycle back the main form a record and forwar again I can enter into the subform no proble.
Can any one help with "Not a Valid bookmark"
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post Oct 13 2019, 10:24 AM

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Hi CHKarcher,

I am having the same problem you reported...did you ever resolve your issue? I'm looking for answers...

Kelley Freeman
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post Oct 13 2019, 11:17 AM

UA Admin
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First, Welcome to UtterAccess.

As a general rule, it's usually better to start a new discussion rather than tagging on to one that is now several years old. Sometimes such posts don't get the attention they would otherwise. Plus you can provide a link to the previous discussion if appropriate.

Here, we need a good deal more information about your database before we can attempt to suggest answers.

Start with the tables and the relationships between them. All Relational Database Applications are built around relational tables; when that design is appropriate, it's time to move on to the interface objects, i.e. forms and reports.

Tell us what this Access Relational Database Application is supposed to do (in broad terms), how the tables are set up and the relationships between them. And then we can look into the forms where you need these procedure.


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