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> Link Access To Outlook 365 Calendar?, Any Version    
post Jul 5 2019, 10:10 AM

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I have worked on a project once where I connected to a local Outlook folder to Access and was able to view/edit messages in the inbox and I believe also connect to the calendar in Outlook as a linked table in Access. Now I'm looking for a way to connect to an Office 365 Outlook calendar and so far have not had any luck. Does anyone know if this is possible??

At first we were going to work with a google calendar as there is a company that sells software for connecting the two. However we're looking for a free option for connecting Access to an online shared calendar and I thought since Outlook is MS (and was typically part of Office) that there would be a way... but as I said, no luck so far.

I really just need information from Access to be sent to the calendar and not necessarily the other way around (although 2 way would be great).

Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated.

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post Jul 5 2019, 01:32 PM

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Hi, there's two (and a half) ways to do so, neither of which area great, IMO.

1. Sync the calendar to Outlook then use Outlook automation to write your appts (relatively easy, but programming Outlook is something I avoid at almost any cost...)

2. Use the EWS (Exchange Web Services) API to manage the calendar at the Exchange level. This (unlike Outlook) is highly stable and the only real choice for "real" integrations. Problem? Not very easy: your development investment to do so will be significant.

3. Try finding something in the MS Graph API. Last time I looked (Feb 2018), there was nothing anywhere near stable for this via the O365 offering. Maybe they have something now, but I trust "stable" and "O365 API" about as far as I can throw it (and being intangible, that means I can't throw it at all, so the metaphor is perfect).

If you have a purchase-ready, inexpensive Google Calendar drop-in integration and you have no particular need of staying within the O365 environment for this, it may be a consideration-worthy option.

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