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UtterAccess Forums _ Network Issues _ Windows 10 Update Broke My Internet Connection

Posted by: dmhzx Sep 22 2016, 04:01 AM

Yesterday I received a MASSIVE windows 10 update: - It took nearly two hours to restart my machine last night
With several automatic restarts.

This morning my laptop connects to the Wifi OK, but doesn't get an internet connection. (No internet access)
All other devices at home work just the same as they did yesterday. - Wired LAN, my wife's wifi, the phone

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem - I've seen several reports from last January, but none from today



Posted by: JonSmith Sep 22 2016, 04:41 AM

This won't help in the current situation but I always hibernate my laptop nowadays rather than shutting down. This kinda stops windows updates from happening as soon as they are out, I will shut down my laptop properly say, once a week.

My logic is kinda that if there are big bugs in windows updates they'll probably be fixed by the time I apply them unless my timing is bad and I happen to shut down the day they do the updates!

Have you tried plugging your laptop directly into the router?

Edit: Oh, and have you tried turning it off and on again!! sarcasm.gif

Posted by: dmhzx Sep 23 2016, 03:31 AM

Well Jon you were nearly right.
The solutions was to turn the machine off.
Shake a bag of chicken bones over the machine three times.

Repeat the whole process three time.

And funnily enough, no sooner did I have it working again that another load of updates came down.

Posted by: JonSmith Sep 23 2016, 03:49 AM

Hahahaha, the old classic. That made me chuckle.

My work laptop delightfully did that a couple of weeks ago. I had a meeting at 9am and thats normally when I arrive. I tried to turn on my laptop to see where the meeting was after my train was already late and 'Windows is configuring updates' which took about 15 minutes.
Thanks automatic updates.

Posted by: adrianscotter Oct 6 2016, 10:04 AM

There is an answer to automatic updates, no, really there is...

Turn them off and do them when it's a good time for you.

You won't forget to do them now, will you...

Nothing of mine updates automatically except anti-virus. The rest I do at the weekend. Works for me (although I might, just might be a little um, lets say 'retentive' sad.gif

Posted by: nowbout64 Oct 26 2016, 12:48 PM

I suppose your update spoilt your Ethernet driver. Reinstall drivers fro Wi-fi and Ethernet.

Posted by: R_Durrer Oct 27 2016, 09:15 AM

Or you can set the time for auto updates to be 3 AM