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> Switchboard - Add Button, Access 2013    
post Apr 28 2019, 05:29 PM

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I am attempting to add some new features to an old application in which I used the switchboard for initial user interface. I want to add a button to the switchboard that will open an excel workbook using VBA.
I used the switchboard manager and chose the “run code” option. After researching on the web, I followed instructions and:

Created a module “OpenBudgetFromAccess” and placed the following function in the module

Function OpenBudgetFromAccess()
Dim Apxl As Object
Set Apxl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

With Apxl
.Application.Visible = True
.workbooks.Open "C:\users\whatsit\desktop\BudgetTemplate.xlsm"
End With
End Function

I get the message “there was an error executing the command” no matter what I try to do – use an .xlsx extension for the workbook, tried declaring it a public function as opposed to just function, etc. I made sure the function name used in the switchboard wizard is correct… What have I missed this time around??

Thanks for any help
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