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> Important ..... Read This Before Posting In This Forum, Any Version    
post May 30 2002, 04:52 PM

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This is a moderated board for code samples only and exists to provide all UtterAccess users with one location for some of the finest and most popular requested examples. Samples may be submitted by any member with 20 posts or more (please specify all applicable Access versions), however your submissions will not be made available until approved by an UtterAccess Moderator or Administrator.
UtterAccess policy is such that new members are urged to have a greater participation in the general forums before posting or responding in the Code Archive. Please note that posts made in the Chat or Test forums do not count toward that end. Thank you for your consideration and contributions.
Please do not post databases with disabled menu's or MDE's or Executables as they will not be approved and will be deleted from the system. The code must be accessible, the code MUST compile and there can be no library referencing issues.
Please clearly state in what Version(s) the file(s) can be used.
It is up to you to figure out the scope of the demo, and submit a complete working sample. If you are looking for help figuring out how to make something work, you can use the general forums. Please explain clearly what it is about and how it can be used.
If you have something to contribute to the code, or have found a bug, or question a behavior of the sample, please reply in the topic thread. Should you have any questions born our of the sample, but not specifically related to the code or behavior of the sample, please create a new post in the board which is most appropriate for you with a link back to the code archive sample you would like to reference. In either case, send the author a Private Message in order to inform them of your reply or new topic.
Any comments or unrelated replies made in this forum are subject to be deleted without notice. Please hold your applause.
If you plan on adding something that was not originally created by you, please ensure that you have the proper approval from the original author prior to posting.
Thank you for your contributions!
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