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> My Newest System, Office 2007    
post May 20 2011, 11:01 AM

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Hi All!
I have been working on this project for a while now and thanks to everyone for the code examples that get posted here. I incorporated a bunch of them. I figured I'd show everyone. I'll work on a stripped out copy to post as I have some original code that I can't share.
Right now, I am working on porting the data to SQL Server 2008 to make my IT department happy. I still have to tune the database and change my DAO code over to ADODB. My main routine, which is to schedule a new contract (About 1400 new rows between two tables), takes about 20 seconds to run when the setup was a normal access database. Once I changed it to a FE/BE setup, it takes about 7 minutes to run. Eventually, the plan is to try to create some three way relationship between SharePoint 2010 Access Web Services, a dedicated SQL Server with Analysis Services and the Access FE. I'm waiting on IT to finishing getting the bugs out of the SharePoint 2010 deployment and for Office 2010 to be distributed. One day, I plan on converting the Access FE to C#/F#.
I have kinda lost track of everyone's contributions so if you see something, tell me so I can give credit where credit is due.
System Login Screen. You can change your password. It is based on NTID and also has a Guest account that bypasses the authentication system. If the system sees that this is your first time entering the system, it will prompt you to change your password and select your default contract settings and theme.
Attached File  Login.JPG ( 29.73K )Number of downloads: 768

This came with the Login Form. I haven't decided if I want to keep it yet.
Attached File  Slpash.JPG ( 25.43K )Number of downloads: 556

THere is the main Workspace. If you unmaximize it, it becomes a border less form that I have made moveable if you click on the title and resizeable if you click on the lower left hand corner. I still have to expand it so you can click any border to resize. It was a pain to find the code to do this, so I think I will post that code to the wiki for everyone.
Attached File  Dashboard.JPG ( 61.61K )Number of downloads: 671

Each user can select their default contracts and such.
Attached File  User_Settings.JPG ( 37.54K )Number of downloads: 487

Here is where each user can manage their data.
Attached File  CDRL_Manager.JPG ( 150.58K )Number of downloads: 648
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