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> Bloating Db Size, Access 2016    
post Oct 17 2018, 01:05 PM

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Hi all I have an interesting issue. I have a time and attendance database that has 4 primary users. Each morning one of the admin's imports time punches from various time clocks around the shop. maybe 10,000 time punches a day. After they do that they have a couple processes they run to verify and except hours then run production reports. After about a week the backend database bloats to over 2gig. one of the admins has to make a copy of the db then compact and repair then it returns to 147meg and the process begins again. I have moved the db to a Small business server and we do have one a couple tables linked to a SQL server, but I'm really curious what type of actions cause bloating like this??

Any help appreciated!!


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post Oct 17 2018, 01:30 PM

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Hi Everett:

...what type of actions cause bloating like this?

There are a number of reasons. Rather than trying to go through them here, do a search on "why does my access database keep getting bigger" and you will get a number of hits with a lot of explanation. Since we don't have your db, it would not be possible to be specific here. You'll have to examine your db for any of the situations described in the search hits.

Good luck with this. This is always an issue as we build and use our databases.


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post Oct 17 2018, 02:58 PM

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While I agree there may be many causes for the bloat, from your description I might look at how the import is done. For example, is the data imported into a holding table, and once the final import is done, the holding table records are deleted? Is the holding table created on the fly and deleted in entirety when done? (that will definitely cause bloat, and one solution is to do all temporary tables in an external .accdb instead of the main one. Or, if the temporary table is in the front end, load a fresh copy of the front end each time it's run).

I'm assuming you have split the database, and each user has their own front end.
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