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> From Subform Module Get Name Of Subform Control, Access 2016    
post Sep 19 2019, 05:08 PM

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Is there any way from a subform's module to get the name of it's subform control on the main form?

I sometimes use the same subform multiple times in subform controls on the same form. So cycling through the parent form's controls and looking for one where .SourceObject matches my subform name will not work.

Maybe if there was a subform instance name or something like that I could reference...

All help will be greatly appreciated smile.gif

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post Sep 19 2019, 06:11 PM

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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but maybe this will help:


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post Sep 20 2019, 02:52 AM

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Is there any way from a subform's module to get the name of it's subform control on the main form?
The only way I have found in my tests (for this thread only, I never did it before) is to use hWnd Property.From the subform you find its hWnd property. Then you go to the main form (even remaing in the subform, using its' Parent property), you loop through each control and if its .Form.hWnd property is the same you have found the container control.
Now you have to choose the better way to loop through controls. Only containers have .Form.hWnd property, so if you do such a thing
For each ctl in Controls
      Debug.Print clt.Form.hWnd 'this only an example
at the first label or textbox (or any other control other then a container) you will have an error.
Or you ignore errors or you previously check if it is a container with
If TypeOf (ctl) is SubForm Then
I hope my explaination is not so foggy
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Please forgive in advance my horrible English.
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post Sep 28 2019, 12:31 PM

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Thank you Phil!

That worked like a charm.
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