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> Holiday Planner Demo, Access 2003    
post Jul 12 2019, 04:56 PM

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see my answers below...The data is not confidential but just to be safe I will zip and email.

(1) What version of Access are you using? I am assuming it is A2007 or later.

[SL] Access 2010

(2) Is this facility to be part of a larger database or will it be a 'stand alone' system, i.e. just the demo database with a few extra 'bells and whistles'? It sounds like you are transferring the data from a spreadsheet into a database in order to make it easier to use and more easily expandable (a very wise choice if that is the case).

[SL] This will integrated with my main larger database. I have already tested the integration and it works like a charm. And yes this is a transfer from excel which will finally give us a full end to end system in access. this Holiday tracking is the final piece of the puzzle.

(3) Will this database be used on a single PC or will it be used in a Local Network environment where other PC users will have access to the database?

[SL] It will be over a shared Network environment. The main database is split with the back end on the network drive and local front end deployment. I did notice that the tblWeekData table was a temporary table so from a performance standpoint that is stored on the local front end.

(4) You said that there are three vacation types that need to be counted but you did not say which three! Which types do you want to include in the count and is likely that you would ever change those types to include others or exclude one of those three (we can 'hard code' those three in the VBA code, not usually a good idea, or we can store them in a table which is more flexible but a lot more complicated to code).

[SL] I actually only need two 1) "Vacation" and 2) "Birthday Floater" to be counted in against the allotment. I would like to keep this flexible but if hard coding is easier I have no problem with that as long as I can update it later if needed. I did add a checkbox in the tblHolidayType to specify what needs to be added but again if hard coding is faster im cool with that as it should not change much at all.

(5) How exactly does the Region allotment system work? I can see that different regions will have different numbers for the number of vacation days allowed and that it varies a bit at different times of the year (I guess that summer and winter allocations would be different) but is this always the same for each year or can it vary from year to year? You will need to store this information in a table (which I guess you have not done yet) so that you have a record/s for each region and fields to hold the date range for each period of maximum number of vacations. I am guessing that it would be something like January 1st to March 31st would be (say) 7, April 1st to September 30th could be 10 and maybe November 1st to December 31st would be 7 (or whatever) and that this would be the same each year. Perhaps you can explain further.

[SL] You nailed it exactly! for the most part these allotments are the same for each region every year. but Again I would like the flexibility to update it if business needs change. I have also added a mock Allotment_tbl

(6) I agree that the method to use would be to add another row of 28 Text boxes above the green boxes that I have already done which would hold the maximum allocation for each date and then that figure would be compared to the actual number of employees on scheduled vacation to determine whether to highlight the box in red or whatever (not sure where you got the number of 52 Text box controls as 2 x 28 = 56!). If the count does go to a negative value, do you want to highlight those boxes in a different color?

[SL] Sorry for the bad math I was tired lol it should be 56. If the count goes to a 0 or negative value it should highlight red to indicate full or over.

(7) Do you want to remove any of the facilities that are currently included in the demo? For example, do you need the facility to show Public Holiday dates in a different color or to show the Saturday and Sunday dates in grey or any other built-in features. Since you are starting from scratch with this database you might as well remove anything that you are never going to need as it will simplify things if you should ever need to make further changes yourself at a later date.

[SL] Public Holidays will be useful for sure everything else is fine with me. The only other piece is the frmEmployee form but again not a big deal to update.

(8) What size screen are you using (in pixels)? If you are going to use this database on more than one PC then you will need to determine the smallest size screen in use. We will need to make sure that the forms will fit on screen or maybe you will want to make the forms (the main form anyway) bigger if you are using a larger screen (I normally design any demo software to fit on the smallest screen size that is in general use).

[SL] 1920 X 1080 but the Demo size works just fine as well.


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