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> Master Link Via Textbox Control Too Complex?, Access 2016    
post Apr 3 2020, 03:07 PM

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I have a subform that I've set its 'Link Master Fields' property to '[SelectedECBTypeID]' which is another textbox control on my form.

This [SelectedECBTypeID] text box has its controlsource set to '=[FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].[Form]![ECBTypeID]' referencing another subform '[FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations]'

This subform has a recordsource of

SELECT [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].FBMType_ECBType_AssociationID, [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].FBMTypeID, [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].ECBTypeID, [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].[Default?], [ECB Types].ECBType FROM [ECB Types] RIGHT JOIN [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations] ON [ECB Types].ECBTypeID = [FBM Types <-> ECB Types Associations].ECBTypeID;

For some reason, this is not working and returning an error that 'the expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex...'

I've swapped out the RecordSource for the 2nd subform and no error... so it must be something on the subform but I can't figure it out...

Any thoughts?

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