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> Auto Populate Based On Drop-down Selection, Office 2013    
post Aug 19 2019, 04:36 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I currently have a work document in which I have 3 or 4 different dropdowns.

I'm being asked to add a section at the bottom of the document depending on what you select. For example, in the dropdown you have the following options:

Not Applicable

I need to be able to show a paragraph in a box below depending on the answer. Each paragraph is different so the dropdown is driving what is seeing on the document.

Is this possible? or is this something I should just try in Excel? I know I can do it in access but the people that will be using it don't have it.


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post Aug 19 2019, 06:10 PM

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People could install Access Runtime then they can open Access db. Can't change design but can do data entry and output.

I've never tried programming behind Word but I think what you want should be possible.

This will probably require use of ActiveX controls and/or UserForm.

I just did a quick test with ActiveX combobox and textbox.

Private Sub ComboBox1_DropButtonClick()
ComboBox1.List = Array("A", "B", "C")
Select Case ComboBox1
    Case "A"
        TextBox1.Value = "This is for choice A"
    Case "B"
        TextBox1.Value = "This is for choice B"
    Case "C"
        TextBox1.Value = "This is for choice C"
End Select
End Sub

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post Aug 20 2019, 09:47 AM

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This just creates the dropdown, which I don't have a problem creating... what I don't know and this is because I'm new to vba, is how to select something out of the box and then have a paragraph show in a different section of the word document.

Think of it like this.

In Excel, I can create a reference to a cell and go to the botttom of the spreadsheet and say =A1 that will bring the data in cell A1 to whetever I'm in the spreadsheet.

The challenge is in word. I have a dropdown at the top of the file selecting the type of contract that is needed. I need at the bottom of the page to show a definition of that contract. So if I have 4 different contracts, I need to be able to see a different paragraph for each depending on what I select. For example, for contract A I will need definition A, for B the definition for B, and so on.

The way I see it is kind of like an IF statement. If I select A then "AAAA" or if if I select B then "BBBB", etx

Does that makes sense?

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