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Posted by: dmhzx Nov 19 2013, 03:46 AM

I'm sure this can be done, but could do with a pointer.
've noticed that a lot of recent laptops don't have all the keys I would normally use with Access.
My HP needs me to press the FN button in order to get F1 to F12.
But doesn't appear to have a key combination to get, for example Ctrl - F9 - Which I use quitie a lot.
It also doesn't seem to respond to F8 being held down during the boot up process.
The Lenovo T430, I was tryying to help with yesterday, didn't have a 'Fn' button, and no mention anywhere on the keyboard to get to Ctrl-Break, which made life a bit trciky for a while.
Does anyone know how I can remap keyboards? - Specifically on my HP, I'd like the Function keys to BE function keys for example.

Posted by: Peter Hibbs Nov 19 2013, 06:04 AM

Hi dmhzx,
don't know if this will do what you want but I use the which is pretty cheap (and free if you only want two keys 'remapped'). I find it very useful as I use it to map the CTRL + C and CTRL + V keys to two single Function keys so that I can copy and paste with a single keypress rather than having to use a two key combination. There are also several other similar types of programs (which are not so good IMO).
Peter Hibbs.

Posted by: amerifax Oct 11 2017, 02:53 PM

I used two different methods to coppers what you need.
1. Many of Logitech keyboards are compatible with their software called SetPoint. Probably one Logitech's best-kept secrets. There is no charge for SetPoint but make sure that is compatible with the keyboard, from Logitech, that you're considering. Their gaming keyboards also can accomplish your needs. If you were to use SetPoint you will be amazed at its capabilities.

2. Macro Express Pro also is a good solution. I use it all the time. I can control my keyboard. Open programs or run extremely sophisticated processing macros. One macro i.e. use completely calculates, organizes and prints a 250-page publication.

I know this is a very old response but just in case you still have a need.