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> Combobox, Access 2013    
post May 21 2020, 08:35 AM

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I have an Category Combo Box to to find records on a form
all of my combo box Categories work just fine
But I have one Category that has an Apostrophe in it like -> Ray's
If I pick it then I get an error and it cant find the record
If I change that Category name to -> Rays
Then it works.

Here is my SQL for the combo box. I know I just need to add something so the Apostrophe will not throw an error.

Private Sub Combo3_AfterUpdate()

Dim strSQL As String
Dim strSQLSF As String

strSQL = "SELECT DISTINCT tblDocPDF.Category FROM tblDocPDF "
strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE tblDocPDF.Category = '" & CatCombo3 & "'"
strSQL = strSQL & " ORDER BY tblDocPDF.Category;"

strSQLSF = strSQLSF & " WHERE tblDocPDF.Category = '" & CatCombo3 & "'"

Me.RecordSource = strSQLSF
End Sub

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