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> Weird Errors, 2016    
post Dec 2 2018, 06:01 PM

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I think I can understand why I'm losing my hair now.
I have been trying to implement a NotInList feature on a database I have been working on. I received error after error and all though I tried troubleshooting it on my own, I got to the point where I thought for my sanity I would post a question on the site.

As I am going through the process and documenting it FINALLY WORKED.
Completely bizarre. Nothing changed other then possibly saving the main database file.

So this leads me to possible troubleshooting steps and what advice do you experienced developers give the newbies when it comes to trouble shooting?

To give you an idea of things that I have done, were:
I have the Option Explicit automatically added;
Of course read and re-read the code checking for spelling mistakes;
Commented out code and then re-added;
Deleted it;
Try using MS's site to troubleshoot the code, double checking syntax, etc.
Tried different versions of code that I found that fit into what I am trying to do

All in all, it leads up to the most frustrating experience...

Any suggestions on first steps that newbies don't know?

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