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> Strange Situation With Requerying, Access 2016    
post Oct 30 2019, 06:23 PM

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I have a strange situation I could use some feedback on.

Have an Access 2016 database that's running on Windows 10. Database is several years old. It's tab-based, with a main tab form and subforms on most tabs.

The first two tabs are synchronized. The 2nd tab's subform record source query is set to return records matching a field on the 1st tab's subform. The tab control's On Change event triggers a requery of the 2nd tab's subform when the user clicks on the 2nd tab.

Everything has worked fine until yesterday. One of the users said that when they go to the 2nd tab, it's not matching the 1st tab's data. The requery isn't being performed.

They said if they close the database and reopen it, then it works fine again. For a while. Then something happens and it starts malfunctioning. This has never happened before.

So I figured it was problem with that user's installation of Access and recommended reinstalling Access. Company owner wanted to wait with that, though.

So I put some code in after the requery to check the values from the two tabs, to see if they match, which they should if the requery was successful.

In the new code, if the two tabs aren't in sync after the requery, then it performs a second requery and checks again. If they're still out of sync, then the user gets a warning message and is told to close and reopen the db.

In either case, whether the 2nd requery was successful or not, the situation is logged with the result -- 2nd requery resolved the issue, or 2nd requery didn't resolve the issue.

Today that new code was put into place, and found something strange.

Though the users are in and out of these tabs all day, and there are about 10 users total, throughout the day more and more people had this problem, according to the log.

The original user had the problem once in the morning. Then a different user had the problem about 4 times over the next few hours. Then a different user had it once. And so on.

Each time the problem occurred, though, the second requery resolved the problem. Without exception.

At first I thought, maybe this has been happening all along, but we just weren't tracking it? But that wouldn't have been the case. The users would have said something if they couldn't see the correct values when they went to the second tab. And this code has been in place a long time.

Also, the number of times it happened today is small compared to the number of times the users go in and out of those tabs. Still, it shouldn't be happening at all. And it only started (apparently) yesterday.

Any thoughts on this and what might be causing it?


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