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> Using Google To Search Text In An Access Db, Access 2010    
post Aug 17 2019, 02:45 PM

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I have an access data base where each record contains a memo field named "ServiceDescription". This field in each record is at least 300 text characters long and there are at least 700 records. I know that google has the ability to build a custom search tool. How can I marry the google custom search ability with MS Access, so that a user can enter four or five words into a text field on an access form, and Access will then build a report showing which records contain the text entered into the form? VBA would be preferred for this task.
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post Aug 17 2019, 03:17 PM

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No idea how you could use Google for this but my question is why bother?
You can build perfectly good search tools in Access to achieve what you want

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post Aug 17 2019, 04:25 PM

UA Admin
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I agree with Colin here. This seems like it might be more trouble than it's worth.

I have a sample accdb on my website which illustrates several ways to filter records in forms, including exactly this kind of "free text" search where you enter multiple search words in a text box, separated by commas. It then applies a search across the contents of several different fields in the tables. Check it out to see if you can't adapt and modify it for your project.

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post Aug 17 2019, 05:11 PM

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We've done similar for "AI" purposes (e.g., upload bulk medical notes of one particular provider to gauge the quality of their notekeeping, etc), but in this case the analysis you're looking for is quite simply basic search stuff.

In the case of analyzing data for quality in text, we would be sending data to the service for processing that we simply could not replicate ourselves (in this case we used AWS services rather than Google, but same idea). The key point being that the data was processed outside of our software.

In the case of searching, you need to be operating on data inside your software, and that is not feasible the way that these services are set up. That is, the services are generally made to operate on data given to them, rather than data being pulled into a system to operate on the system's data directly. Thus, each time you wanted to analyze data via 3rd party service, you would need to push all of your data to it. Generally speaking.

That said, custom google search functionality might be a bit different, but it's also a bit of an archaic technology by now.

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post Aug 18 2019, 06:04 AM

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You might also want to check out my article on Complex Text Searches.

Dale Fye
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post Aug 18 2019, 06:22 AM

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Link not found????

Good luck with your project!
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post Aug 18 2019, 08:38 AM

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A stray 'http://' got tacked on to the end of Dale's URL.

@Orange, try this instead





David Marten
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post Aug 19 2019, 07:13 AM

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Thanks David.

Good luck with your project!
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