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> Test your antivirus program    
post Jan 4 2004, 08:43 AM

Utterly Eccentric and Moderator
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From: Bristol / Ipswich / Spain

This sequence of letters appears to simulate virus code....ZQZXJVBVT in order to do so it has to be a the begining of a file which is at least 50bytes long. I found this in an ancient Dr Solomons virus program...on a 5.25 disk! Surprisingly, an up to date McAfee identified it as a virus pattern and condemned the file to oblivion.


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post Jan 4 2004, 03:55 PM

UA Admin + Auntie Virus
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From: USA

As zocker posted, one way to test your antivirus program and to see what happens when it detects a virus is to open Notepad and create a file with that sequence of letters at the very beginning of it, all the way over in the left margin with no spaces or other characters before it. You can call it something like "test.com" and then scan your system. Your antivirus program should pick it up and alert you.

A more reliable way to test if your antivirus program is online and working is to download or create an EICAR test file and scan your system. (EICAR stands for European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research.)

More information on the EICAR file can be found at the following link:


Neither the "ZQZXJVBVT" file nor the EICAR file is actually a virus, and neither can do any damage to your system. They are merely built-in detections for the purpose of demonstrating or testing your antivirus software.

Note: In our personal tests, UA member DB2ME and I found that neither AVG Antivirus free edition nor Sophos detected the ZQZXJVBVT file. Panda ActiveScan (online version) also did not detect it. McAfee claims to detect the ZQZXJVBVT file. Not sure about other products.
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post Jan 12 2004, 12:46 PM

UdderAccess Admin + UA Ruler
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From: Upper MI

My personal test results:
tested the EICARS on Win 2K Pro w/NAV 2003 and XP Pro w/NAV 2003 and XP Home w/AVG Free and all three picked up on it immediately.
However, NONE picked up on the ZQZXJVBVT file. (As .txt OR .com)
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post Jan 16 2004, 06:23 PM

UA Admin + Auntie Virus
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Joined: 15-July 02
From: USA

Here's another good page describing how to use the EICAR pseudo-virus to test your a/v program:
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