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> Inconsistent State Error On Windows 10, Any Versions    
post Jun 18 2019, 05:29 AM

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Hi All

We have been getting an random Inconsistent State Error, ever since we moved over to Widows 10, typically once or twice a day on our largest access data base. 50+ users typically several logged on at any one time. But also occasionally on databases where only one user is logged in.

databases are:-

Split FE & BE, I do not have access to users C: drives so have created multiple FEs in different folders on the shared drive. But it is possible for more than one user to log in to the same FE. This never once, in 15 years, caused a problem prior to Windows 10.

All users now on MS Access 2016. most on runtime but several with the full version.

The database files where .accdb
I have been through every line of the code, reworked the error trapping, removed previous old code, that was preventing full compile and now all the FE's are compiled .accde files. This was a lengthy but worth while exercise. Alas it appears it made no difference to the error.

With assistance from the package manager, responsible for MSAccess 2016, we have implemented the following on the server and on each user's desktop.

@echo off
title Babcock Access 2016 Leasing Fix


echo Applying Microsoft Access 2016 Leasing Registry Keys, please wait...

REGEDIT /S "%~dp0source\Access2016DB-Fix.reg"

echo Registry Keys applied successfully..


Alas none of this has had any noticeable affect on the error. So I'm here asking the guys who know Access Best. Any thing else we can try.

Live to Surf
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post Aug 14 2019, 06:47 AM

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I do not have access to users C: drives so have created multiple FEs in different folders on the shared drive.

when you say you do not have access to the C drives, do you mean you just can't see them or the users can't access them either?

We used to have multiple FE's on the shared drive and it was a pain to update for me, so I have found some auto update code off the internets and now I do not need to have access to the users PCs or maintain individual share drive folders, I just place a single master copy on the share drive when there is an update and the users's desktop copy automatically checks if there is a new version and takes a copy of that if update is required. This also helps with user experience. I don't remember the exact web-page, but this is in the code disclaimer:

Created by       : Re-written by Scott L Prince; Original code Bob Larson
' Parameters       : None
' Result           : Determines if backend can be reached, and if front end is the current version.
' Returns          : 0 - Misc Error
'                  : 1 - No current version found in Version Manager file
'                  : 2 - Front end being run from master location
'                  : 3 - Master file path not found in Version Manager file
'                  : 999 - Front end current
' Date             : 5-30-14
' Remarks          : Based on previously-existing code by Bob Larson posted at StackOverflow

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