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Posted by: faca May 20 2019, 02:54 AM


I need some help with form.

My mechanic wants to save WorkOrder form so he can print it next time without entering info again (Workorder number, date of receivement, date of hand over, description of work)

I created table->


I've managed to connect tables together but it always shows me first workorder record instead of current one i selected?

Where is the problem?

Second question:

I have Material table and ServiceParts table... in material table is TaxRate and whenever i update TaxRate for example from 22 to 13 .. all previous records for this material in ServiceParts are changed to 13.

So what i did is i also saved TaxRate in ServiceParts table.. now the problem is that i need to manually re-enter material in ServiceParts again beacuse it doesn't get TaxRate from material table but if i enter new record than it's working fine.

So i'm asking is there any option to somehow update previous records without re-enter all again?

Thanks ( 256.39K ): 6

Posted by: DanielPineault May 20 2019, 06:26 AM

I've managed to connect tables together but it always shows me first workorder record instead of current one i selected?

How are you performing the selection?
If you mean using the Find and Replace (par of your Search) it works fine for me. It always brings you to the first occurance, you have to use the Find Next over and over until you get to the record you want.
I personally, much prefer creating a search area in the header that searches and returns a single record or which properly filters the records based on the criteria.

Your general idea of data normalization is on the right track, but your form is incorrect. You need to basically create a form per table and then insert them as subform. You don't want to build a query as you have done a a single recordsource.
Don't waste your time hiding objects until the very end, and even then, just hide the entire Nav Pane instead.

As for the tax issue, create an update query and apply it to those records with a current value of 0

Posted by: faca May 20 2019, 09:16 AM

Under Service form i choose which service i want and than click workorder button and than workorder form opens up with service parts info and than i only need to enter "WorkOrderNumber, ...."

Posted by: faca May 21 2019, 01:03 PM

i fixed tax now .. i used update as you suggested, thanks ! notworthy.gif

but i didn't manage to fix this workorder .. every time i click on workorder button under service form im moved to first and only record..