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> Conditional Formatting - Color From Table?, Access 2016    
post Jun 26 2019, 12:53 PM

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Howdy you Access Gurus out there,

I've a continuous form in which I'd like to do some Conditional Formatting. Each user has their own color (Access color code, stored in a table, referenced and used with no problem in other queries and forms). I'd like to use the user's custom color in the Conditional Formatting, though, and I can't seem to figure how to reference the tblUser to get the user's color.

I can get the color programmatically, but setting the txtbox.backcolor to that with vba changes ALL the continuous forms based on the active record.

I can get the Conditional Formatting to work great if I manually set it up, but there will be users added and obviously it would be best to only have to set the user's color in one place and not have to go into the Conditional Formatting for this one field to add them there as well.

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas - I'm totally stuck.


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