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> How To Add An Attachment To A Post    
post Oct 22 2012, 09:50 AM

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To add an attachment to a post . . .

1) First, use the "Browse" button to locate the file you wish to attach.
Attached File  Add_Attach_01.png ( 23.67K )Number of downloads: 43

2) After selecting the file you wish to attach, click the "UPLOAD" button to upload the file to UtterAccess system.
Attached File  Add_Attach_02.png ( 24.44K )Number of downloads: 9

3) Once the file upload is complete, you then open the 'Manage Current Attachments' dropdown and clcik the green "Plus" symbol to actually attach the file within the post.
Attached File  Add_Attach_03.png ( 28.78K )Number of downloads: 19

4) Your attachment will then appear in the post. (If you upload your attachment(s) before you begin typing in the text editor area, your attachments will appear where ever the cursor is when you go to select an attachment for insertion.)
Attached File  Add_Attach_04.png ( 23.47K )Number of downloads: 29

When attaching MDB/ACCDB files, they MUST be zipped first. Note, that when using WinZip or 7-Zip, you can break a large zip file into 2Mg chunks and attach all of the resultant zip files for the "zip group". That way, even large zip files can be posted. Please make a note of what zip client you use in your post when so doing.
It is also suggested that when attaching a zipped MDB/ACCDB that it is first Repaired & Compacted. Also, please ensure that any VBA code Compiles. (For help on Compiling see the Compiler Directives article in the UA Wiki.)
Sanitize Your Data BEFORE Attaching a Zipped DB:
It is important that when a db is zipped and attached, that NO SENSITIVE DATA be included and exposed to the general membership. If you have a lot of tables with sensitive information, you can more easily sanitize the data with neat little Code Archive demo called "Data Anonymous". To use it, first make a copy of your db, then import all the objects from Data Anonymous into the copy of your db and then run the Data Scrambler form to select the tables fields of which the data needs to anonymized (or scrambled). Once run, there is no going back - all the data in the selected fields will be irretrievably scrambled. See the "Data Anonymous" demo for more details.
Making a Zip Set:
If the resultant 'zip' file is still too large (over 2Mb) you can use WinZip or 7-Zip to break up the zip files into smaller chunks and upload the complete set of zip files as a 'set' of attachments. Note that each zip file part needs to be uploaded separately. NOTE: (Important) - when breaking a zip file into smaller component parts of the group, the secondary files are NOT saved as "zip" files, they have a different extension that the UtterAccess system does NOT provision. To work-around this, add ".zip" to the end of thos files then they will upload. It would also be a good idea to add a note in your post, when using such zip sets, to remind members to remove the ".zip" from all but the first file in the group.
The following list are the allowed file types for attachments here at UA and are limited to 2MB each:


(These are also found in the Guidelines and the Help pages.)
How To Create a Screenshot with Windows:

• With the desired application open, hit the Print Screen (PrtScn) key. Pressing the PrtScn key will store a copy of the current computer screen into the Windows Clipboard as an image.
• You can then paste the image into an image program, such as MS Paint, manipulate it as desired, and save it to your harddrive for future reference. (Remember where you save it for future reference.)
• To create a screenshot of just the active Window rather than the entire computer screen, press "Alt + PrtScn" rather than just "PrtScn".
After a member makes a post, they have 1 hour (60 minutes) in which to make any edits or change/delete/add an attachment to that post. After the 1 hour time limit, any changes will need to be made through a change request by using the ! Report button to get the attention of an Administrator or Moderator. If the ! Report button is used, please provide as much detail as possible.
Thank you! hat_tip.gif
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