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> Excel Exception Codes, Office 2013    
post May 20 2020, 09:16 PM

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I have an Excel workbook that consistently crashes Excel 2013 when editing a table.
No other version of Excel is bothered by it, runs OK on 2010, 2016, 2019 and 365 (both 32 and 64 bit versions), but on 3 different machines running Excel 2013, it crashes every time on all of them.

From what I can determine the exception code generated in the crash report is pretty generic (c0000005), but the exception offset code which in this case is 0070e506 seems to narrow the scope of the issue, but I'm having trouble finding any information on it.

Does anyone happen to have a list of exception codes for Excel or know where one might be found? My searches haven't turned too much up but I'd really like to understand what's going on here.
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post May 21 2020, 05:38 AM

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I'm not that familiar with excel, but were it Access I'd try to import everything to a new file to rule out potential file corruption. If the book isn't horribly complex, could you do the same manually to verify?

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post May 21 2020, 06:00 AM

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Have you tried updating or reverting the build on those machines to see if the problem lies with that specific update?

Does it use any VBA? Does it compile without errors?
Could there be a bitness issue?

Perhaps review https://support.office.com/en-us/article/re...99-bd10ef4d61ab

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post May 21 2020, 05:50 PM

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Joined: 5-February 16

Thanks for the replies gents, first up - no there is no VBA it's a straight XLSX file. It's essentially a few data tables arranged as a quasi database with one worksheet set up as a dynamic search/lookup report.

The workbook was developed in a 32 bit version of Excel 2019 and I took some pains to avoid using any functions or functionality not available in earlier versions, hence my surprise when it crashed the 2013 version. I have tested it in 2010 (32 bit), 2016 (32 + 64bit), 2019 (32 + 64 bit) and Office 365 (32 bit) and there is no problems with any of them.

The client I developed it for used it successfully on various desktops with Office 2016 and later, but then placed on their Server (2012 R2) which uses Excel 2013 and they remote into the server and use it thusly, but it crashed first up. Now as it happens I also have an old install of Server 2012 R2 still running with Office 2013 (32 bit) on it fully updated, so I tested it with the same result, it crashes Excel every time, even with a local desktop session.

So I rattled up a Win 10pro VM in Azure and installed a basic copy of Office 2013 with no updates at all and same result, it still crashes Excel the moment you try to edit the main data table. The search feature works fine, just don't try to change the data table. I know Excel 2013 was the first version where slicers could work on data tables and it was also the first one where you could turn off the filter buttons on tables. Now I don't use slicers in the workbook but given the issue seems to centre around the table, maybe it's something to do with Excel 2013 table management.

I've tried safe mode, turning off auto save, removing all COM add-ins, nothing seems to help, short of recreating the file in Excel 2013 I'm running out of ideas - no it's not horribly complex but it's reasonably involved, it took the best part of 4 days to build. That's why I was hopeful the exception code might point me in a direction at least. I could probably recreate it in around 4 hours now that the design is established so I'll probably need to do that.
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post May 22 2020, 12:20 AM

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Okay quick update.
After recreating the workbook in Excel 2013 it works okay provided you keep it in that version, the moment you save it from a different version then Excel 2013 drops the ball again and we're back to square one.

The table causing the issue has a single conditional format applied to just one column which highlights duplicate entries, by removing this Excel 2013 is happier and the crashing stops. Doesn't explain the problem in any way, but helps narrow it down.
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