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> Vacation Tracker, Any Version    
post Mar 3 2003, 04:32 PM

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Since posting the screen shots for the vaction tracker in the User Interface Design forum, I've had a couple of direct requests and noticed some other posts about vacation tracking. So, I am making the entire app available. There is data in it, but the names have been scrambled with a character randomizer (see the myRandChr procedure in the basModule module).
Attached File  main.gif ( 19.96K )Number of downloads: 96

Attached File  empannual.gif ( 27.56K )Number of downloads: 109

Attached File  empmonth.gif ( 33.48K )Number of downloads: 78

Attached File  employees.gif ( 31.06K )Number of downloads: 69

Attached File  empdetails.gif ( 39.57K )Number of downloads: 64

Attached File  holidays.gif ( 23.01K )Number of downloads: 62

Attached File  reports.gif ( 20.29K )Number of downloads: 55

The attachment (at bottom) contains zipped Access 97, 2K and 2K7 versions (just added 3/29/2013) . The A2K will easily upgrade to 2003 and the A2K7 version will also easily convert up to 2010 and 2013. Neither are there any ActiveX controls or special reference libraries. The only reference libraries used are only those that Access defaults to. (Just to note the use of DAO 3.51/3.60)
Vacation and personal times are calculated, based on the employee's anniversary date. I did not provide a table to store the values of how many hours an employee is annually entitled to per years of service. That is currently controled by use, instead, of the avHours field, (for vacation hrs), and the apHours field, (for personal hrs), in the employee's table. In the detailed employee form, (frmEmpSngl), the entitled hours based on years of service is hard coded to auto populate the avHours and apHours fields in that form when an employee's anniversary date has been entered. Both can be edited.

There is a twist however, I have also provided a way to manually enter "banked" or "carry-over" vacation hours (hours left over from the previous year). So, when banked hours are displayed, the manually entered values are checked for first, and if not found, then the calculator procedure is used. But not in the detailed employee form.

Just remember that each Employee MUST have an anniversary date or the calculations will not work.

The tricky part was getting all the formulas to work well within query behind the annual forms and reports. But that got easier when I decided to make the annual forms read-only.

You modify an employee's vacation or personal hours by single-clicking on the cell that matches an employee and month in a given year, whereupon a calendar form pops up and allows you to edit hours used. Double-clicking on an employee's name in the annual view will open that employee's detailed form.
The year gizmo is constrained to never go beyond the current year nor less that the earliest recorded anniversary year.

In the pop-up employee calendar form, you can not go below the employee's month and year of hire. Also in the pop-up employee calendar, you enter vacation time beyond the current date for planning purposes. And so far, I've not implemented a methodology for viewing future, planned vacation days, except in the employee's calendar pop-up form.

There is also a Holiday table and form for consideration of company holidays. They are stored with a date field so they need to be added manually annually. (The test data is old so the holidays currently in the tblHolidays are for year 2003.)

It's not locked up so all the code is available for your personal, mangulatory delight. There is little commenting in the code.

You are free to do what you will with it EXCEPT sell it as is. If you do, you must send any monies acquired to the folks at UA. They've earned it.


(Updated on 3/29/2013 by Cybercow - original # of uploads: 1,460)
Attached File  VacationTracker.zip ( 1.53MB )Number of downloads: 1010
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post Apr 21 2019, 09:00 AM

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Hello, how are you? Before I would like to congratulate you for the great app, but I noticed that there is a failure to open the calendar to launch the schedule, sometimes some dates do not match the day of the week, an example would be 04/21/2019, that date should fall on Sunday and not on the fifth, just for you to know and verify.

Congratulations on the program

Access Lean Systems
José Roberto
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post Dec 11 2019, 07:05 AM

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Just what i am looking for, however it says i need to upgrade for 64 bit system, I am not entirely sure how to do that.

Hope you can help me
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post Dec 11 2019, 02:30 PM

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Just what i am looking for, however it says i need to upgrade for 64 bit system, I am not entirely sure how to do that.

Easiest to start a new question, in the appropriate forum. The original post was from 16 years ago, so better chance of getting response with a fresh, and targeted question.

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