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> Access 2003 Bug List    
post Oct 19 2005, 11:45 AM

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I have a new theory to why this happened.......
In my form users can update, and add new records and this was not validated well-enough to the point where my users were accidently creating table anomalies. I went to the table and cleaned these up, and now the form works fine. The reports worked the whole time, and the data was saved correctly in the tables, but those few data anomalies must have been just enough to throw access off, and cause this form not to work correctly.
Hopefully, I'm done with the project now.
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post Nov 28 2005, 03:16 PM

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From: Troy, MI

I'm starting to have very similar problems with an Access 2002 application. Did you ever get yours resolved?
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post May 16 2006, 08:55 AM

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From: Oadby Leics, UK

If you have a front-end in A2003 linking to a backend tables file, and you convert it to A97, the tables in the converted file are ar no longer linked tables, but local tables. (In other words the conversion process 'unsplits' the database)
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post Jun 14 2006, 02:48 PM

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I just converted to 2003 and I saw on this website that I needed to set my default printer to a local printer in order to even open a report in design or regular view. However, after I go to make some changes to one of my reports, it will not let me save it. I try to close out and it asks if I want to save, I say yes and nothing happens. Then I try just hitting the save button and nothing happens. I can only get out of it if I say I don't want to save changes. Frustrating! Anyone have any ideas???
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post Jan 18 2007, 12:31 PM

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Joined: 18-January 07

I got windows xp home and Access 2003 , when i try to open a .mdb file i got a error "Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and need to close.
On that error window I can send the error report and Restart acces.
re-installed all office programs and i got several errors when Office attemps to install Access 2003.
Any one can help me with this please?Thanks in advance.
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post Aug 20 2007, 03:08 PM

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Joined: 15-August 07

Had a 2000 Access db working fine. I use hyperlinks on the forms instead of the Access ugly cmd button. When looking at the properties of the hyperlinks in 2003, it does not show the name of the object that it runs. So I have over 50 qrys and a ton of forms and it does not show the name of the object. When I look at my 2000 version, all names are there as it should.
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post Dec 27 2007, 05:50 AM

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Joined: 17-January 05
From: Bangkok, Thailand

When I cancel Toggle button by set Cancel = True, It is canceled correctly. But after that, If I click somewhere else on form to make focus leave from it, BeforeUpdate event is trigger again.
ccess 2002 has no problem.
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post Nov 23 2008, 10:11 PM

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Joined: 18-October 08

I am creating an application that accesses a db backend by use of the TransferDatabase method of the DoCmd object. I dynamically link all the tables, and import all the querydefs. After processing the data, I then use the SQL DROP TABLE command to disconnect my links and delete my queries. I am doing this to allow my user to use one interface to access 17 different databases. This is just an experiment. I already have a fully functional application created in the more traditional manner. This method produces a monstrous application at the end of each day that MUST be compacted.
But that is not the issue.
I have notice that importing queries using the TransferDatabase method in a module sometimes causes Access to provide generic field name aliases. It appears to be validating the existence of tables and subqueries before finalizing their names in the imported querydef. I have run queries and noticed column names Expr1, Expr2, Expr3, etc.
In order to import the querydefs, I have created a recordset object based on a table that list all the querydefs in the db I want to link to. Changing the order in which they are imported seems to help, which seems to support my theory that Access is validating data on import.
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post Jan 27 2009, 01:25 AM

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Joined: 17-January 05
From: Bangkok, Thailand

Listbox control on form always be on top over other controls. I don't know this already solve on other Access version or not. But it is in Access 2002.
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post May 7 2009, 05:17 AM

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Joined: 30-April 09

I modified an fe db (in A2000 mode) in A2003 SP3 and added MS Word to the references. I loaded this on a site using A2002 SP3, and relinked to the be. On running the fe I got error msgs like I've never seen before. An inspection of the fe references showed that all (where necessary) had been converted from xxxx11 to xxxx10 but the MS Word reference showed "Missing reference" and stayed at xxxx11.
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post Jun 16 2010, 03:49 PM

Posts: 42
Joined: 19-May 10

AOIndex makes me crazy, what can i do,
I'm working with this DB that was changed on the net's location and saved some files on the same net, but when i do the chnages at VB it wont send me a message, but when i change the path saved on the DB that points to the files where they are lets say from the "\\dua\wer\lalala\picture1" to "\\due\wer\lalala\picture1", I have to say that at this table i have has no index.
I want really need help.
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post Mar 9 2011, 11:48 PM

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From: Bangkok, Thailand

Int((0.15 * 10)+0.5) = 1 This is incorrect. Please check.
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post May 23 2011, 12:16 AM

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Joined: 17-January 05
From: Bangkok, Thailand

I set .Enabled of textbox by Property Sheet to True. I set condition formatting by VBA to disable textbox. When it disabled, I write Debug.Print Textbox.Enabled. Result is True !!! Should it returns False, shouldn't it ?
emark : I test on Access 2002 only.
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