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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Relinking and splash screen.

Posted by: WildBird Sep 9 2008, 02:16 AM

Have seen acouple of questions about how to relink tables via code and thought I would show what I use. It also has a splash screen which is handy if it is a slow network as it shows the users what is happening, and stop them saying it is not working when the main form doesnt appear.

In the zip file, there should be 2 files, a mdb and a ini file. I use the ini file for storing things such as backend paths and many other paths. I have a method that brings down the front end as well as the ini file when they start it up, but that is for a different post. For this, it uses a ini file that is in the same path as the mdb. To test, link some tables, and place the path and name of the file in the ini file. Then close and reopen open the file. The frmMain should be set as the startup form. I use generic form names when I can.

Notes- Limitations. This assumes that all the backend tables are in a single backend file. It is still possible to have multiple backends, but it requires some consistent naming convention and a tweak of the code. Majority are just one backend.

Developed in Access XP, and I have done some testing in Access 2007. Dont have earlier versions installed, so not sure what versions it will work on.

Oalso have another form, frmSplash. Should I remove this and just leave it as a barebones sort of app to go to the archives? Splash is used the same way and I use it alot when running anything such as a loop and I can use the names of the loop such as

Splash "Processing " & , i & " of & " qdf.count

To close, in the ExitHere section, it is simply

Look forward to any feedback.


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Posted by: Raizyros May 11 2020, 03:13 PM

This does not work on a 64 bit system. Is there an updated version?

Posted by: johnochoa May 25 2020, 03:29 AM

Just make the change in the statements:

Declare Function


Declare ptrsafe Function.

John Ochoa from Colombia

Posted by: tina t May 25 2020, 10:15 PM

there's a bit more to it than that. see suggest you read the Help page at the link and do more research as needed; this is actually not a trivial subject.