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> Setting Different Passwords Among Multiple Databases Linked To The Same Back End, Access 2016    
post Jan 10 2019, 05:46 PM

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to add simple security to my database, however I want to know if my simple method will work.
My database is composed of 2 separate databases linked to the same back end. I have my official front end database that is ACCDE and password protected already.
Then I have my database for editing, which has a little more functionality for compliance purposes. This database is where everything is edited, and is then uploaded ACCDE onto the front
end whenever I make changes. This database has a different password than the other.

I want to password-protect my back end data, however I get an "invalid password" notification, even if the password matches my ACCDB database for editing. I would like this to be possible,
as I need my back end locked down, along with both my front end database and my database for editing.

On top of all of the above, I would like to remove the ability to delete records from my linked tables in my database in my database for editing. I am not sure if this is necessary, however I have an audit trail table
and I don't want that to ever be touched.

Thank you all very much, I feel that this is an issue that can be easily solved, however I am somehow making it difficult or am missing something small.

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