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> Advice On Data Table Structure, Access 2016    
post Feb 26 2020, 03:45 AM

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Hello everyone,

I would welcome suggestions on how to structure a program to help with the production
planning and record keeping in my small factory.

My exposure to MS access is limited - I had experience in programming in dbase 4.2 ( dos )
and this is the language that i used to write the programs that I am currently using.
I am converting to access to upgrade to windows 10.

I will be working with the following main data tables
CUSTOMERS ( has affiliated tables for physical address, postal address, customer details
such as payment history, type of business, harmonized code number , etc)
INVENTORY ( affiliated tables are product detailed description, previous customers, supplier,
factory cad drawing numbers, stores item number, store shelf position etc)
JOBNUMBERS ( affiliated tables are job costing , machinist hours , tooling used, price ,
delivery date expected ,customer and customer order number Etc)
OLD JOBS ( a list of previously done jobs listed by jobnumber product description ,customer,
date and price)
MOULD LIST ( a list of all moulds in stock, store shelf position, drawing numbers, original customer )

As can be seen there are going to be many individual tables ( probably about 40 or 50 maybe more ) and each
interacting with others .

would I be OK to have one access instance with all these tables as .accdb tables within ? which seems
to be a nightmare to keep track of everything . the navigation panel will have all these tables each with its
own set of queries , forms and reports.
I am sure there must be a logical method of keeping all these files together in their own "basket"
Please offer suggestions about how this is done by other companies
Best regards

Fred Evans

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