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> How To Split File Path, Office 2010    
post May 6 2019, 05:38 PM

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I have file paths in column A of activeSheet
I want to take the last part of the file name and put it in the next column. the last part of the file name will always be after the last \
eg:C:\Users\Michelle\Desktop\ExcelPayroll\Sample Excel\Employee Manager\3 Excel Calendars.xlsm
I dont know how long the file path will be
Then I want to turn the filepaths in column A to hyperlinks
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post May 6 2019, 09:23 PM

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Could try something like this.

Function getFileName(ByVal strFullPath As String) As String

If InStr(1, strFullPath, "\") > 1 Then
    getFileName = Mid(strFullPath, InStrRev(strFullPath, "\") + 1)
End If

End Function

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post May 7 2019, 01:57 PM

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My candidate solution is
Function RtnFileName(Filename As String) As String
Dim FullName() As String

FullName = Split(Filename, "\")

RtnFileName = FullName(UBound(FullName))
End Function

Just to prove that in Excel there is usually more than one way to do things.


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Please zip and attach samples. It makes life easier for those who have to figure out what you are trying to do. Thanks
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