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UtterAccess Forums _ Microsoft SharePoint _ Sharepoint Validation Blocking Edit To List Through Access

Posted by: mrouse55 Apr 18 2019, 01:20 PM

We have a SharePoint site and an associated MS ACCESS application. Referrals are put in the SharePoint list through a form that validates the customer number, which must be 9 characters, numeric only. The validation rule works perfectly in SharePoint. However, if any field is changed by an agent from the ACCESS application, the validation for the customer number fails. There are only two fields that the agent can update - one is an "Accepted By" field which is just text with no validation on the SharePoint side, and the other is a "Date Accepted". In the Access application, both fields are populated in the SharePoint list by simply clicking a button.

The validation rule is pretty simple:

=IF(LEN([CustNum])=9,ISNUMBER([CustNum]+0), FALSE)

Once the record is updated from Access and the user tries to move off the record, an error is triggered by the rule, even though the customer number has not changed. It seems that the problem lies in the "IsNumber" function, as I can take that out of the rule and it will work. Any help is appreciated



Posted by: theDBguy Apr 18 2019, 02:42 PM

Hi Mark,

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Just a quick question for clarification, is this rule in SharePoint or Access?