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> Ad Hoc Programming Assistance Needed.    
post Dec 4 2019, 02:59 AM

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Hello There
I am in south Africa and I need help with writing code in access vba.
I am looking For ongoing programming assistance

I am a semi skilled programmer writing simple programs for my small company in South Africa.
I used to write in dbase 4 ver 2 but have got to change to something more modern
I use access VDA because it comes free with Office 365 and I sort of can find my way around.
I am looking for someone who is able to help me by writing code where I get stuck because I don’t know how to do things.
For example I may have a table of customer names And I am writing a search form.
At the top of the form may be a search box which Is used to find a particular record .
As the operator enters the letters of the search into a box a list opens which lists all records as per the search Criteria.
When the required record is found something will be done with that record( maybe displayed in a form).
I know that this is simple programming but I do not have time to do through the manuals Researching how to do it.
I will send this question to my helper and he will then write the code ( probably in a combobox)And send it back to me.
For this I will pay him a fee . This will be an ongoing exercise so I would like To develop a solid relationship with a programmer. “

Fred Evans

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post Dec 4 2019, 04:43 AM

UtterAccess Moderator
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From: Telegraph Hill

Hi Fred,

Perhaps try this link: UA member access2009eg



David Marten
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post Dec 4 2019, 08:21 AM

UA Admin
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From: Newcastle, WA

We hope you find someone who can do this for you. Access is a very powerful Relational Database Development Tool.

I should advise you to be alert to the fact that the amount a QUALIFIED developer charges will be much higher than the rate a less qualified person might accept. For example, most developers I know charge an hourly rate of $80 to $120 an hour, US. A few more, and a few slightly less. So please be careful about accepting offers that appear to be "too good to be true."

Most developers expect to be paid hourly, not by the project or task. If someone agrees to a "task" or "project" fee, you'll probably end up disappointed in the quality of their work. Why? Because a "task" may take an hour, or it may take six hours. If a person agrees to do that task for a fixed fee, they'll want to hack it out as quickly as possible regardless of the quality. They might end up doing that 6 hour task in an hour and calling it "good enough". And that's not going to be very satisfactory to either of you.

Good luck with your search.

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post Dec 4 2019, 08:51 AM

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Can I ask why you wouldn't just ask question in the forums here? We are more than willing to help.

Also, having done this type of development in the past, be very wary of cheap offers. In development you get what you pay for. Cheap equates to poor quality, or they increase the amount of time charged to perform the work to increase their bottom line. I have cleaned up after several off-shore developers that were charging 12$/hr. There is a lot more to consider when hiring a developer than their fee!

Best of luck to you. I hope you find a good partner to work with.

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