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> Ms Windows Explorer Searches    
post Aug 1 2020, 10:13 AM

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When searching for a file by name in Window's Explorer, some words or parts of words will not find, even though I know they exist. Is there a trick I'm missing? If not, why? And If not, can you recommend an alternative free application that will work?
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post Aug 1 2020, 10:24 AM

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I've notice that sometimes you do need to include wildcards to find everything.

E.g. sometimes it seems like searching for, say something like "1844" will turn up "Image1844.jpg", but sometimes I have to use "*1844.*" to find the same file name.

I've not figured out the pattern; it's easier just to stick the wildcards in a move on.

Still, if anyone does have any insight, I'd be grateful to learn about it as well.

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post Aug 1 2020, 10:38 AM

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From: Oklahoma

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have seen the same thing about adding additional letters/words. But when then previous letters/words varies, that isn't particularly helpful when you are trying to find ALL of the files the have a particular word in the name.

Re wild cards, today in particular, I'm finding the wild card "*" is not working. I thought it was maybe because it wasn't recognizing a word I had abbreviated. So I renamed without abbreviating that word. It still couldn't find it. I think partly it is where the word is located. The earlier a word is in the file name, the more likely it gets it. I particularly would like to search for "*b." [specifically in my photos where "b" added to a file name means the image of the back of the photo], but it just will not find it. Even just the letter "*b" alone it cannot find. Perhaps because it is late in the file name--perhaps the search only works for the first ? characters of a file name?
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post Aug 1 2020, 11:18 AM

Posts: 1,090
Joined: 18-February 04
From: Oklahoma

As an example of the issue, in naming photos, my naming protocol is:
1) Date if known: YYYY MM DD or YYYY MM or YYYY or YYYYca etc.
2) Surname [preceded by space if there is a date]
3) First name
4) Maiden name abbreviated
5) Additional family member name or names or just "Fam" or "Etal"
6) Other persons listed preceded by a space, i.e. " wLeeSmith"
7) Location/event if known abbreviated, i.e. NEFtRobnsn [preceded by a space]
8) If group, group reference code & if ref# on back of photo, batch code, "~grp#btch##"
9) Source reference i.e. "_frmWSSPhoto001"
10 Other info like:
a) "b" added for back of photo
b) "_src" added to a text file giving source and other info
c) "_###dpi" added if not the standard 300dpi I usually scan in
d) "c", "d", etc. for other images like the photo frame, attached documents, etc.
e) editing notes "_***" i.e. "_crpd" or cropped, "_drknd" or darkened

So my file name might look something like: 1943 ShepardWandaSzmr NEFtRbnsn~grp1btch35_frmWSSPhoto001b.jpg

Before I added the front description, all files were named WSSPhoto00#.... I wanted to pull up all images of the back of the photo. A search for Name: "b", "*b", "b." and "*b." all gave me no results. No amount of combinations of wild card searches pulled up a single one. There were over 200, well over 400 files altogether.

After I had added some descriptions to the fronts I wanted to pull up all photos with "Szmr". Name:"Szmr" did not work, nor "WandaSzmr". However ShepardWandaSzmr did. I wanted to also pull up other people's photos besides Wanda. So that would not have given me the results I wanted.

As a test, I renamed and unabbreviated "Szmr" to "Sizemore". That did not improve my searches.

As another test, I returned to "Szmr", but added a space before it. This did work, even when there was something other than a space that followed.

Problem is, I really don't want to add another space or character. Trying to keep the file names as short as possible. Also, that would break my naming convention if I added a space before the maiden name. Instead it would appear it was the surname for an additional person.

Why does this have to be so hard? It sounds like a simple search to look for 4 letters anywhere in a file name.

I have found several other utilities that have been very helpful. So at this point, unless someone knows a trick I've missed, I would love to hear about an alternative to Windows Explorer that you have found worked well. I don't need fancy. Just looking for a better search function without being a memory hungry app and with a half way simple interface.
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